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A Day in the Life of a Chico Realtor

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There are days, like today, when I feel I have the greatest job in the whole wide world. Other days I seriously have to wonder, but today was a good day, so we’ll keep our focus there. I truly enjoy the work I do when I have the opportunity to connect with people and make a real difference.

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Let’s support our troops, Chico CA!

Let’s Say Thanks!

Let’s join our voices here in Chico CA and Support our Troops!

Send a LetsSayThanks post card from you and your families! Xerox has made this easy to do with their user friendly site. It’s easier than composing an email. I want to challenge all of Chico CA and surrounding areas and my Chico CA Real Estate community to share your well wishes to those sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers who have spent time away from their loved ones for our freedoms!

As we comfortably gather Christmas morning or snuggle close to our families at night, let us remember them and the sacrifices they make daily. May we all take a moment of our time and click two clicks away to send a postcard from our families!

“The mission of Let’s Say Thanks is to provide a way for individuals across the country to recognize U.S. troops stationed overseas. By submitting a message through this site you have the opportunity to send a free personalized postcard greeting to deployed servicemen and women.”

The postcards, depicting patriotic scenes and hometown images, were selected from a pool of entries from children across the country. It takes less than one minute to hit the send button! Sometimes the smallest of gestures mean the most. Won’t you join me in wishing our Troops a Happy Holiday?


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Lets Say Thanks
send a quick post card from you and your families!

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The Orange Crayon Contract

Children NEVER cease to amaze me.

They are watching, listening, and learning by example… even when you think they aren’t paying attention.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that your every move as a parent is being registered and tracked, only to have the results pulled out of nowhere, just when you least expect it.

Just moments ago, I was sitting here blogging.

My husband walked in with a question, and our daughter followed shortly after. She asked if she could speak with us for a moment. Her respectful question and tone of voice caught us off guard and persuaded us to abandon our conversation.

She cleared her throat, and proceeded to read out loud, the following:

Blog pics Alexa's contract(sorry, you’re missing the full, orange crayon effect here)First we were dumbfounded, then we started laughing, and then we proceeded to negotiate a ‘counter’ to her contract.

Hmmm…. where did she come up with this idea?

The funniest part is that she refused to drop the subject because we hadn’t signed. She already knows that a contract that isn’t properly executed isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

I’m almost scared to see how her negotiating skills improve with age…

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