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There are days, like today, when I feel I have the greatest job in the whole wide world. Other days I seriously have to wonder, but today was a good day, so we’ll keep our focus there. I truly enjoy the work I do when I have the opportunity to connect with people and make a real difference.

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I sometimes find myself working with people that instantly become wonderful friends. It somehow seems like I’ve known them forever- there is just an innate ability to understand who they are, and what they need. I feel privileged to join them in working out whatever real estate issues they may encounter.Today, I found myself standing in a kitchen with two amazing women: a buyer and a seller, neither of whom I had met more than once. In a matter of a few very short minutes, the two of them had shared their life struggles, and we all shared tears, hugs, and family photos. Strangers. Yet not. It’s funny how us girls can do that!

Sometimes events just fall into place like they are meant to be, without any prior planning or concentrated effort. It’s amazing to witness, and be a part of!

In this case, I had heard of a woman who needed to sell her home. She didn’t want to, and essentially couldn’t, but needed to- AND, she only had 13 days in which to do it. I hadn’t seen the home- it wasn’t for sale. On the other hand, I had just met a woman who was looking to purchase a home. After viewing a couple of properties with her, it occurred to me that the first woman’s property might be just the right match. Fast forward 24 hours, and you’ll find all 3 of us in the kitchen!

It remains to be seen how this tale will end, but I have a funny feeling that everything will turn out all right- for both of them.

In the meantime, I’m just grateful for the opportunity to share their experiences, and lend a helping hand wherever I can.


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