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It’s here! Online offer submission for Sandi Bauman’s listings!!

Realtors:   for the most expedient processing of your offer on a Sandi Bauman Team listing, please use our new online submission form.

Visit us here:   online submission form

Added bonus!   Save yourself the phone call, and check status online!  Real time results will show if there are already  offers submitted on your property of choice.

We’re looking forward to working with you.

  • Thank you for showing one of our listings!

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Sellers: Please LEAVE So That I Can Sell Your House!


Despite the fact that most sellers have undoubtedly been counseled by their Realtors to leave during showings, a large number of sellers choose to remain.


After a recent, painful, house-viewing excursion with some home buyers on a search for Chico CA real estate, I feel the need to approach the situation head-on.

You seem, Mr. and Mrs. Home Seller, to not comprehend how detrimental your very presence is to the sale of your property. If you fully understood the repercussions, I am certain that you would work with the Realtors, not against them.

For most home buyers, your being in the house makes for an uncomfortable showing. It’s hard for a buyer to freely explore a property and excitedly converse with family members when you are hanging on their every word and following their every move. Buyers may not feel that they can discuss the negatives of the house, for fear of insulting you. Similarly, they may not want to display too much enthusiasm, because a poker face is an important aspect when negotiating, and they don’t want you to think they LOVE your house. Lastly, they don’t feel they can roam at will to discover all the house has to offer. Many buyers are so conscientious about your overhearing them, they refuse to discuss their thoughts until we have made it safely into the car!

Although you think you’re being helpful by providing us with a running commentary and guided tour, you are shooting yourself in the foot! More often than not, the things you find fascinating and important hold very little interest to the buyer. They don’t want to hear about how your mother’s uncle suggested you put the laundry room near the kitchen, but you, in your infinite wisdom opted to put it near the bedrooms instead. They also don’t want to hear about your special tupperware drawer, your cat’s litter box problem, or your weight issues after switching your thyroid medication. As a seller, you might be saying to yourself, I NEVER get in the way… I only point out the positive factors that will help sell my house! Yeah… ok. I have endured endless “showings” of Chico property performed by well-meaning sellers and it’s a rare situation indeed that a seller doesn’t deter from the task at hand.

Keep in mind that the buyer is trying to picture himself in the house, along with his furniture, his family, and his activities. Professional home stagers will encourage a seller to remove all items such as family photos, excess furniture, and clutter to facilitate the buyer’s bonding with the property. The goal is to remove the distractions so that the buyer can figure out how he can make the space his own. The focus should be the bones of the house, not on YOU! By attending the showing, you defeat the very purpose of “staging” the house for sale, and many buyers will resent the disruption.

Real life examples!

1. I recently accompanied a buyer on a showing in which the seller was the tour guide. The woman was bright, bubbly, and extraordinarily full of personality– a true pleasure to meet. We got to hear all about her children, her cooking abilities, her extended family, the history of the building of the house, and her hobbies. When we finally made it back to the car, both the buyer and myself were at a complete loss as to the details of the house. Did it have granite? Where was the 3rd bathroom? Did we actually see the bonus room?? We had no idea, but we could tell you how many kids she had, and what her husband did for a living.

2. A home was advertised as being a 4 bedroom, 3 bath property. After nearly an hour listening to the seller expound on the virtues of the home, we were finally shown the “4th bedroom” which was actually a room so small that you couldn’t fit a twin size bed in there. Considering the buyer had a very strict need for 4 functional bedrooms, the house wasn’t appropriate. Instead of discovering the flaw within the first 2 minutes, we were forced to endure an hour of meaningless banter. The buyer was so infuriated that she refused to even consider the minor remodel possibilities of the home which would have rendered the house functional for her family.

3. I once showed a house during which time the sellers planted themselves on the porch with cocktails and appetizers. The home was so small they were able to monitor our visit every step of the way. Upon exiting the house, they cleverly (or so they thought) addressed every concern the buyer had mentioned while in the house. The problem was that my buyer was extraordinarily unusual in every sense of the word. He had very eccentric views on relationships, politics, and day to day living. The sellers managed to offend him several times over as they chattered on thinking that they were coming across as charming and informative. Despite the fact that the house was a perfect fit for him, he left the property focused instead on how much he disliked the current owners. Shortsighted, on the buyer’s part, I know. However, having spent an inordinate amount of time with that particular buyer, I had learned to avoid his hot spots and feel strongly that I could have sold him that house had the sellers not unwittingly killed the deal for themselves.

Sellers, please keep in mind that you chose to list your home with a professional Realtor rather than trying to sell the house yourself. You must allow the Realtor to do the job! Try to remember that most of us sell properties full time, to earn a living. We put a great deal of time and effort into learning the art of marketing and negotiating real estate. We want to sell your house!

Most importantly, as the buyer’s agent, we have the advantage of knowing the client’s particular interests, needs, and deficiencies, and can therefore appeal to them more effectively than you can.

If you have important details that the average Realtor or buyer will not recognize upon viewing the property, there are very effective ways to provide the information without being intrusive or distracting.


  • Leave photographs of your home taken throughout the seasons. Is your home breathtaking in the fall or spring? Do you have an amazing garden? SHOW US with pictures.

  • Leave notecards or flyers on pedastals or attached to doorways to explain special features, materials, warranties, or interesting history about the room or area.

  • Work with your listing agent to compile a binder with all sorts of interesting facts, inspections, pictures of floor plans, or anything else that you would like to share. Leave it in a place that invites the visitors to peruse it.


If only, Mr. and Mrs. Seller, you could please LEAVE, we could do a better job of selling your house!

P.S. That doesn’t mean exiting the house as we are trying to enter. I know you’re dying to see what the new buyers look like, and you just want to say “hi”, and you just have a couple of things you want to share with us that are really important, and you just want to offer us iced tea and cookies, and you’re just trying to be welcoming… but please leave BEFORE we get there!!

P.S.S. If you don’t want to give your potential buyers the heebie-jeebies, don’t sit in the car or across the street in your neighbor’s living room watching us with binoculars. You might think you’re being sneaky, but we can see or feel you there, and the overall effect is not a good one!

This particular post sparked quite a reaction from my fellow Real Estate Professionals. SELLERS, if you weren’t already buying my opinion, please peruse the thoughts of over 70 other Realtors by clicking here!


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Your Chico CA Loan Application- It’s Not THAT Hard!

I haven’t quite figured out the rationale, but the prospect of getting prequalified or preapproved is often an intimidating process for a Chico Buyer.

Kid with broccoli- getting prequalified for a Chico loan isn’t this bad!

For some reason, folks will often avoid it as long as possible, and build it up in their minds to be some horrible, awful procedure. I find myself listening to every imaginable excuse, and smiling, because I know that a mountain is being made of a molehill. It’s kind of like trying to convince your kids that if they would just put the broccoli in their mouth, they will get it over with, and can then move on to the ice cream!

  • First off, a buyer does not have to go to the hassle of making an appointment. No need to get dressed, leave the house, and make your way to a stuffy, intimidating office with some guy in a 3 piece suit! In this age of convenience, many lenders will accommodate your request for prequalification by phone, fax or email. In the span of a short phone call, the lender can get the basic information he needs from you to start the process.

  • Second, just because you talk to a lender to get prequalified, it doesn’t mean you’re married for life! You may decide, after your initial phone call, that you don’t like the way the lender chews gum in your ear. You might also decide, after talking to your best friend, that the lender isn’t very reputable. Fine. NEXT!

  • Third, finding a great Lender shouldn’t be difficult. It should be fairly easy considering you have an excellent resource for a referral in your Chico Realtor. Consider, for a moment, that you’ve already done the work to find a top producing, highly recommended, ethical Realtor that you can actually talk to. Doesn’t it stand to reason, that the Realtor, given the choice, will choose to recommend another professional that will the get the job done efficiently and effectively, thereby ensuring a happy buyer? (In case you’re wondering, there is no $ passed between the lender and the Realtor. The payoff to a referral, is a job well done for the client).

Need a recommendation for a good Chico Lender? Call me.

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Lenders beware: How to lose a Chico, CA Realtor (and therefore buyer) in 3 days.

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Looking to buy or sell Chico CA Real Estate? Need a Top Producing Chico CA Realtor? Call Sandi Bauman 530-864-5407 or email [email protected]. Specializing in REO, residential, relocation, investment & ag property.

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New Year’s Resolutions: Get Yourself Ready for Your First Chico Real Estate Investment

Hoping to purchase your first Chico CA home in 2008?

Chico calendar

Here are a few items that should be on your New Year’s Resolution list if you want to earn that coveted title: Chico CA HOMEOWNER!!

1. Speak to a local lender. First and foremost, talk to a reputable lender. If you need a recommendation, I would be happy to provide you with a name I respect. A good lender will run a detailed credit history report right away so you know what you have to work with. If the numbers are doable, the lender can then give you an idea of what price range you might be comfortable in searching for a Chico home.

On the other hand, if opportunities to improve your score are available, the lender can offer you suggestions of what to work on, and how soon you might qualify for a more appealing loan package. Read more on the prequalification process:

What is the Difference between Prequalification and Preapproval?

Why Should I Get Preapproved for a Chico, CA Home?

2. Start considering what features in a home are most important to you. Do you need room for 5 dogs to run around? Do you love to cook? Do you need storage space for 50 pairs of shoes? How critical is a garden tub in the master bath? Do you want to be able to walk to the grocery store?

It may seem like putting the cart before the horse, but I would encourage first time home buyers to really put some thought into what home features will fill their individual needs. It’s better to save yourself time trekking in and out of tons of open houses that you won’t end up liking once your common sense kicks in. Try to narrow in on what will actually work for you.

3. Get a feel for neighborhoods and schools. Again, what sort of home will your lifestyle dictate? Do you want your children within walking distance of schools and friends? Or will a 15 minute drive each night to the seclusion of your own acreage be more fulfilling? Do you want to park yourself in between homes full of college kids, just because the house has a “vintage” feel, or would you prefer to be in a more quiet, traditional neighborhood full of working professionals? Whenever I’m researching a new neighborhood, I spend a LOT of time driving around. Consider not only the types and sizes of homes, but the vehicles in the driveway (perhaps on the lawn?), the proximity to local services and your place of business. If possible, talk to the locals! You will find out everything you ever wanted (and more), by simply approach the folks walking around the block.

4. Start packing! You will be grateful when the time comes to actually move that you put in the effort now to start organizing. Clean out those closets, box up unused items in the kitchen and the garage, and prepare yourself mentally to relocate. Get some of that physical work out of the way now and relieve yourself of some intense stress later.

5. Save for that down-payment and good faith deposit. Last, but definitely not least, start saving and planning for your down-payment and closing costs. While there are 100% financing options available, they aren’t always your best bet in the long run. If you can at least come to the table with your closing costs covered, you will be in better shape.

What is a Good Faith Deposit, and Why Do I Need One?

Getting organized, preparing financially, and gaining knowledge about where you will be living will help make choosing your Chico real estate investment as smooth as possible.

Happy house-hunting!

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Looking to buy or sell Chico CA Real Estate? Need a Top Producing Chico CA Realtor? Call Sandi Bauman 530-864-5407 or email [email protected]. Specializing in REO, residential, relocation, investment & ag property.

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Lenders beware: How to lose a Chico, CA Realtor (and therefore buyer) in 3 days.

I would say, as far as Chico CA Realtors go, I’m fairly easy to get along with. I typically play nice with my peers. My end of the work is done in a thorough manner, and on time. If, as a lender, you do your job well and respect my clients, I will happily recommend you to future Chico, CA buyers.

That is, I’m easy to work with UNTIL you tick me off.

If I feel that an unethical action (or lack of an ethical one) on your part has jeopardized my clients in some way, then be prepared to make it right. On the client’s behalf, I will hold you as accountable as I can. You probably won’t like it much…. just so you know. Once we get them taken care of, I won’t be bringing you any new business.

How to lose a buyer in 3 days (or less!)

1. Ignore phone calls and emails.

2. Intentionally leave off or reduce known fees on the good faith estimate.

3. Quote them one rate when you are fully aware that they won’t qualify.

4. Assure me that you can close the loan on time when you won’t be doing so.

5. Tell us that the buyers are prequalified for a specific loan, when in fact, you haven’t done the work.

6. Assure me that you have everything you need to close when you HAVE NOT received all documentation.

7. Bait and switch my buyers at the closing table. That interest rate better be pretty darn close to the quoted one!

8. Abandon us at the closing table. You should be there to explain any and all concerns the buyer has regarding his loan papers.

9. Be incapable of admitting that you don’t know, or have made an error. I’m not perfect, and don’t expect anyone else to be. If you make an error… just say so! Don’t run us around and waste more time.

Whew!!  (I’m glad I got that off my chest).

It frustrates me to no end when a lender does not represent his or her clients with an ounce of honesty, fair dealing, common courtesy or professionalism. That client is supposed to be the one we are both protecting!!

Lenders: If you’re looking to lose a client, a Realtor, and any potential for future business, any of the above actions should get you there in no time at all.

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Buyers: If you need assistance locating a competent, Chico, CA lender to assist you in your home buying experience, feel free to call me for a recommendation! I can be reached at 530–864–5407. It’s wise to choose carefully, in order to avoid the nightmares, and save time later!

Looking to buy or sell Chico CA Real Estate? Need a Top Producing Chico CA Realtor? Call Sandi Bauman 530-864-5407 or email [email protected]. Specializing in REO, residential, relocation, investment & ag property.

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Why Should I Get Preapproved for a Chico, CA Home?

It’s important to be preapproved BEFORE you start searching fChico CA home preapprovalor a Chico, CA home

Time is always of the essence. There’s no use fooling around doing things the hard way when you can go straight for the gold. By investing a very minimal amount of time before you start shopping for a house, you will save yourself immeasurable time and grief later. Trust me.

1. If you don’t get preapproved, how do you know what price range you should be shopping in? There is nothing worse than spending months looking for the PERFECT house, only to find out later that you can’t make it work financially. Save yourself the pain- don’t guess!

2. It’s best to try to keep your Realtor happy! Like you, she’s busy. The last thing she wants to do is spend endless hours trying to find you a house that you can’t afford. To get the most attentive, personalized service from your Chico, CA Realtor, make sure that you’re ready to pass “GO”. Provide her a preapproval letter so that she knows what your ideal price range is. You will find that she will be dedicated and expedient in exposing you to all of your options, thereby saving YOUR time.

3. Make yourself more appealing to the seller of your dream home! When you put an offer on a house, one of the first things the seller will want to know is whether or not you can afford it! The seller will be less excited about accepting your offer if there is a question about your loan getting approved. After all, he doesn’t want to pull his home off the market only to find out 30 or 60 days later that your loan won’t go through. He would be jeopardizing his chances of securing another buyer.

Also, consider this: If the seller were to receive 2 identical offers, with one buyer being preapproved and the other NOT, which buyer do you think will ultimately have their offer accepted? Of course! The buyer with the preapproval letter.

Call me today at 530-864-5407 for assistance in getting preapproved for your Chico, CA real estate purchase. I can put you in touch with a lender immediately to get the ball rolling.

Getting preapproved is the best thing you can do to get started on the path to home ownership!

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Looking to buy or sell Chico CA Real Estate?  Need a Top Producing Chico CA Realtor?  Call Sandi Bauman 530-864-5407 or email [email protected].  Specializing in REO, residential, relocation, investment & ag property.

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