Are Loans Really Harder to Get Now Than They Were 5 Years Ago?

by Justin Bowman, Summit Funding

When I tell someone what I do for a living I usually get a response like, “Wow isn’t it impossible to get a loan right now?” To that I would say with certainty, “Absolutely not!”

There is a perception that because the market is doing so poorly, that funds are harder to obtain. The truth is, there are a multitude of available programs on the market for all types of borrowers. Such products range from the traditional conventional loans, requiring 3% down to other unique products that require as little as .5% for the entire transaction!

A great effort has been made by the government to subsidize commodities in efforts to stabilize the economy and offer opportunities to potential homebuyers who, on their own, could not afford the luxury of owning a home. They are helping make it possible to live the “American dream” and become home owners.

Additionally, there is a new sensitivity among borrowers that there is an unjustified amount of paperwork needed for loan approval. An environment of full documentation has over taken the once popular, and very detrimental, low and no documentation loans within the last few years. It is hard for people to come to terms with the new way (or really, the old way) of qualifying. What must be understood is that the era of minimal required documentation is over. We can no longer take the risks that led to this financial uncertainty. Even though we are now steering away from the “we will take your word for it” mentality, it makes for a much healthier economy knowing that the house that is being purchased has a much smaller risk of defaulting.

All this said, I am doing more low-down payment loans now than I did before the market fell. With outstanding products available such as conventional loans with 3% down, FHA & CHF programs with less than 1% down , Home Path loans with 3% down and no mortgage insurance. Eligibility is considered even with credit scores as low as 580 and debt to income ratios as high as 55%!

In today’s market, borrowers need a realistic outlook on how much they can actually afford and provide the necessary documentation to prove they actually can. Happy House Hunting!

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