Chico CA Real Estate: Upcoming Listings and New Properties for Sale w/e 7/18/2010

The following properties are in pre-list stage with The Sandi Bauman Team! at Chico Homes.

Watch for them to hit the market soon!


6 Terrace, Chico CA

16 Red Fox Court, Chico CA

421 Legacy, Chico CA

1007 Rushmore, Chico CA

1116 Broadway, Chico CA

2009 Oak Park, Chico CA

2755 Ceres, Chico CA

3289 Rockin M, Chico CA

1486 6th Ave, Corning CA

1958 Taft, Corning CA

2387 Faber, Durham CA

1760 Laurel, Gridley CA

6218 Kilgord, Magalia CA

6498 Shaw Circle, Magalia CA

711 Peach, Orland CA

4254 County Road M, Orland CA

19 Flemming, Oroville CA

 11 Coventry, Oroville CA

1741 Alma, Oroville CA

1806 Feather, Oroville CA

2109 Fort Wayne, Oroville CA

2327 Oro Bangor Hwy, Oroville CA

4006 Hildale, Oroville CA

1272 Elliott, Paradise CA

1372 Parkway, Paradise CA

1686 Middle Tree, Paradise CA

5297 Bennett, Paradise CA

5556 Glenn, Paradise CA

 17332 Stagecoach, Rancho Tehama CA

1710 Douglass, Red Bluff CA

236 S Lassen, Willows CA

1012 Elm Street, Willows CA


Listings now ACTIVE!

2962 6th, Biggs CA

31 Dakota, Biggs CA

7 Olympus, Chico CA

79 Pauletah, Chico CA

640 Pomona, Chico CA

796 Victorian Park, Chico CA

823 Oak Lawn, Chico CA

1120 Columbus, Chico CA

1415 Sheridan #2, Chico CA

1635 Downing, Chico CA

2099 Hartford #17, Chico CA

3265 Rockin M, Chico CA

210 Marty Court, Corning CA

8968 Idlewood, Forbestown CA

2028 Jacob, Gridley CA

13779 South Park, Magalia CA

14403 Tulane, Magalia CA

14536 Colter, Magalia CA

15085 Oakleak, Magalia CA

30 La Foret, Oroville CA

1044 Butte, Oroville CA

1655, 1657, 1659 Oak,  Oroville CA

1777 7th, Oroville CA

2920 Orange, Oroville CA

3277 Foothill, Oroville CA

511 Lodgeview, Oroville CA

2334 Esperanza, Palermo CA

5201 Toyon, Paradise CA

6222 Pentz, Paradise CA

17050 Rancho Tehama, Rancho Tehama


Now Pending!

7 Olympus, Chico

862 E 5th, Chico CA

1419 Yosemite, Chico CA

1622 Spruce, Chico CA

3099 Canyon Oaks, Chico CA

1171 Peach, Corning CA

14721 Northwood, Magalia CA

804 Almond, Orland CA

1125 Dodge Ave, Oroville CA

4169 Oro Bangor, Oroville CA

535 Castle, Paradise CA

6221 Stinson, Paradise CA

800 Baywood Way, Willows CA

820 Madrone, Willows CA


If any of these greater Chico Homes properties interest you, please email your contact info to [email protected]. We will notify you as soon as we have a list price!

Sandi Bauman (Chico Homes): Real Estate Agent in Chico, Butte County, California
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