Chico CA Realtor: Do You Want Yours Black and White or Sugar Coated?

Sugar coated gum drops
I recently had a client tell me that I was a “black and white” Chico CA Realtor.
“Of course I am!” was my first thought.
“Why would you want me to be any other way?” was my second thought.

I wouldn’t want my lawyer, or accountant or doctor to sugar-coat the truth for me. Why would a buyer or seller not want their Realtor to be straight up? We had a very interesting, light-hearted debate over lunch as to the virtues of “telling it like it is” versus “sugar-coating” (my term, not his). Given the excellent company, great Mexican food and a couple of Coronas, the discussion was enjoyable and thought-provoking, to say the least.

In my opinion, the contracts that we utilize to transfer Chico CA Real Estate ARE pretty “black and white.” An entire team of lawyers worked together to ensure they were as accurate and airtight as possible. They constantly review and adjust them. I believe it is in my client’s best interest to respect the contract and the authority it has, rather than test the system and jeopardize the possibility of realizing his real estate goals. Not to mention the issue of opening himself up to other possible negative consequences (IE: loss of deposit, delay in obtaining a property, loss of prime interest rate, etc.)

For instance: if the contract specifies that the good faith deposit is to be deposited into escrow within 3 days, I recommend that the client deposits it within 3 days. Period. There is no wiggle room. The buyer has defaulted if he chooses NOT to deposit within 3 days, and the seller can cancel the contract should he wish to do so. To me, this is very black and white, and I will explain it as such. You either follow the rules, Mr. Buyer, or risk losing the house to a buyer who does.

As a Chico CA Realtor representing a client, I will call it as I see it, because it’s my job to protect my client’s interests. Oftentimes, I find the client simply does not understand the contract or the possible repercussions of not following it, and therefore behaves in such a way that he risks the very goals towards which he is striving. I simply don’t have it in me to sugarcoat the negative possibilities. For most people, a real estate purchase is one of the largest and most important of their lives. I feel they deserve to understand the full scope of the situation.

I of course respect my clients opinion, and ultimately their course of action, even if the client makes decisions contrary to what I am suggesting.

My only concern is that they are properly informed prior to doing so.

My valued client’s take on it was that a Chico Realtor should only offer feedback with a soft touch, even if it means watching the client shoot himself in the foot. My problem with “sugarcoating” is that I think it’s a mistake to not give a client all of the facts with which they can weigh their decision.

Realtors that will tell their clients what they want to hear in order to secure their business are unfortunately a dime a dozen. The sad thing is, the client is done a disservice when they aren’t told the entire truth, and they aren’t being properly represented.
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