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January 2013 Closings, The Sandi Bauman Team at Chico Homes Real Estate Sales

The Sandi Bauman Team Stats for January

Everybody says January is a slow month for sales. We beg to differ. See below.

Many potential sellers have been waiting for the distressed market to run it’s course, so that property values would stabilize and begin to recover. If you’re one of those homeowners, the Chico real estate market finally has good news for you!  Chico prices have improved by about 5.7% in the past 12 months. Combine that with super low interest rates and reduced inventory, and we might be looking at the exact opportunity that many homeowners have been waiting for.

One of the most important decisions a seller has to make, aside from timing, is which Realtor they should entrust to list, market, and negotiate their property.

What is important to consider when partnering with a professional? Do you need a big box, commercialized brand that feels familiar? Will a fleet of agents working for the company instill a sense of confidence? Should the Realtor have the shiniest car in the lot?  Open houses all weekend?  Is their website the deciding factor?  A snazzy name tag?

The Sandi Bauman Team at Chico Homes is a little non-traditional. Some would say that we buck the system a bit. Truth be told, we kind of like it that way, because it works for us and our clients. Because we think outside the box, our compact team packs a serious punch. With one dedicated listing broker, three committed buyer specialists, and three top notch transaction coordinators, we often out-perform the offices with agent counts of 30 or more. We’ve chosen to focus our skills, streamline our systems, and dedicated ourselves to providing a refined service. Perhaps most importantly, we truly CARE that we are doing the best possible job that we know how to do for our clients.

Ready to list?

Year to date, we’ve outperformed our competiton 3 to 1 on the listing side. It would be our pleasure and privilege to make YOUR story OUR next success story.

Call Top Chico Listing Agent Sandi Bauman! 530-864-5407.

1. 797 College Hill, Paradise Buyer/Seller $135000
2. 14888 Carnegie, Magalia Seller $54500
3. 4907 O’Donnell, Forest Ranch Buyer/Seller $61000
4. 2139 Ceres, Chico Seller $189900
5. 13617 Lander, Magalia Seller $46000
6. 1194 Gossamer, Chico Seller $194000
7. 950 East, Chico Seller $310000
8. 6397 Zuckerman, Magalia Buyer $74500
9. 6366 Zuckerman, Magalia Seller $67600
10. 1769 Stark, Paradise Buyer/Seller $86000
11. 1201 Palm, Chico Seller $180000
12. 39 River Bluff, Oroville Seller $100000
13. 515 Eden, Paradise Buyer $95000
14. 17184 Manzanita, Sterling City Buyer/Seller $51300
15. 656 E 20th, Chico Buyer $115500
16. 3785 White Springs, Paradise Seller $212900
17. 6165 Some, Magalia Buyer/Seller $73000
18. 741 Gardella, Oroville Seller $72100
19. 5785 Copeland, Paradise Buyer/Seller $61199
20. 680 El Varano, Chico Buyer $160000
1. 286 Torry, Oroville Seller $196225
2. 8899 Skyway, Paradise Seller $7490000
3. 9244 Cohasset, Cohasset Seller $89900
4. 14858 Colter, Magalia Seller $109900
5. 196 Vista Del Rio, Gridley Seller $119900
6. 2300 Kennedy, Chico Buyer/Seller $194000
7. 9491 Perkins, Dayton Seller $129900
8. 4520 Lower Wyandotte, Oroville Seller $133500
9. 6366 Zuckerman, Magalia Seller $67600
10. 375 W Lassen #11, Chico Seller $139900
11. 3033 Burnap, Chico Buyer/Seller $139900
12. 5465 Princeton, Paradise Seller $139900
13. 6439 Gregory, Paradise Seller $154900
14. 2 Olympus, Chico Seller $169990
15. 1940 Indiana, Gridley Seller $174900
16. 1919 Feather, Oroville Seller $194900
17. 15 Melrose, Oroville Seller $209900
18. 741 Gardella, Oroville Seller $72100
19. 10 Shari, Chico Seller $244125
20. 449 Sequoyah, Chico Seller $249900
21. 2625 Vistamont, Chico Seller $249900
22. 1114 Nord Chico Buyer $85000
23. 449 Sequoyah, Chico Seller $249900
24. 1481 Filbert, Chico Buyer $190000
25. 20 Wrangler, Chico Buyer $109000
26. 13973 Jarvis, Magalia Buyer $114900
27. 5150 Oak Haven, Chico Buyer $379000
28. 1319 Elliott, Magalia Buyer $197000
29. 5660 Lower Wyandotte, Oroville Buyer $79900
30. 1919 Feather, Oroville Seller $194900
31. 4520 Lower Wyandotte, Oroville Seller $133500
32. 2165 Mariposa, Chico Buyer $159900
33. 3669 Hildale, Oroville Buyer $169900

Our comprehensive online marketing system is proven to get solid results! A couple of our fave sites to expose my listings:


Call Sandi! 530-864-5407.

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Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA)

Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA)

The Government’s H.A.F.A.® Program benefits borrowers who short sale their homes.

On the official Government website for H.A.F.A.®, it simply states the following:

“If the cost of home ownership has become too expensive to bear, the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternatives Program ® (HAFA) allows you to transition out of your home and avoid foreclosure with $3,000 in relocation assistance and peace of mind.”

The HAFA program also says: “In many cases, [a short sale] is the dignified exit strategy where the borrower can sell their home and avoid the negative impact of foreclosure on their credit report and return to a better financial position.”

What does this mean for Chico home owners?

The exciting news for underwater homeowners, is that there is now a federally sanctioned and endorsed alternative to foreclosure.  Unlike foreclosure, with a H.A.F.A.® short sale you can be completely released from your mortgage debt after selling the property. This means you will no longer be responsible for the amount that falls “short” of the amount your lender receives for the property compared to what you still owe.  This deficiency is guaranteed to be waived by your servicer and H.A.F.A.® covers borrowers in all 50 states.

We would consider it a privilege to help you research your options and provide you with the tools and the education that you need to make informed decisions, thereby ensuring the best possible short sale outcome for you and your family in Butte, Glenn and Tehama Counties. Yes! We have extensive experience in areas surrounding Chico such as Paradise, Magalia, Durham, Oroville, Orland, Willows and Corning!

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